A Case for Hybrid Content Distribution for Interactive Video-on-Demand


Andrew MacQuire, Andrew Brampton, Nicholas J. P. Race, Laurent Mathy, Michael Fry

In proceedings of Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies (NGMAST'08)


With the advent of numerous video distribution services, Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) are under increasing demand. Given the associated expenses, many organisations have made use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) approaches to offset bandwidth costs. Unfortunately, using clients as part of the delivery process can vastly increase load on service providers’ networks. Furthermore, many approaches thus far lack the ability for interactive, on-demand viewing. For these reasons, this paper considers how ‘hybrid’ methods could alleviate these issues, through simulations of delivery methodologies in a CDN context. As it is unlikely that any one method will suffice for all content, network and audience types, a successful system should adapt in response to changes, as outlined in this paper.

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