Compress and Backup

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In my last article I discussed recovering a old RAID-5 disk array. Here I’m going to quickly list what I did to back up what I recovered.

# Create a zstd compressed tar file
$ tar -c -v -I"zstd -19 -T0" -f raid5-my-projects.tar.zstd My\ Projects

# Create a text based index for the tar
$ tar -t -f raid5-my-projects.tar.zstd > raid5-my-projects.index

# Backup to Google Cloud
$ gsutil cp raid5* gs://

Maybe I should be using a proper backup solution, but this was quick and easy. I used Zstandard to compress the tar file since it gives impressive compression results, speed, and is modern.

I uploaded the results to a Archive bucket on Google’s Cloud Storage.