Hugo Makefile

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While developing my blog using Hugo, I created a simple Makefile to help automate some steps. Hopefully someone else will find this useful


.PHONY: all clean minified server watch help

HUGO := hugo
HTML_MINIFIER := html-minifier -c html-minifier.conf

# All input files
FILES=$(shell find content layouts static themes -type f)

# Below are PHONY targets
all: public minified

	@echo "Usage: make <command>"
	@echo "  all     Builds the blog and minifies it"
	@echo "  clean   Cleans all build files"
	@echo "  server  Runs a webserver on port 1313 to test the final minified result"
	@echo "  watch   Runs hugo in watch mode, waiting for changes"
	@echo ""
	@echo "New article:"
	@echo "  hugo new post/the_title"
	@echo "  $$EDITOR content/post/"
	@echo "  make watch"
	@echo "  open "

	-rm -rf public
	-rm .minified

minified: .minified

server: public
	cd public && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 1313

watch: clean
	$(HUGO) server -w

# Below are file based targets
public: $(FILES) config.yaml

	# Post process some files (to make the HTML more bootstrap friendly)
	# Add a table class to all tables
	grep -IR --include=*.html --null -l -- "<table" public/ | xargs -0 sed -i '' 's/<table/<table class="table"/g'

	# Replace "align=..."" with class="test-..."
	grep -IR --include=*.html --null -l -- "<th" public/ | xargs -0 sed -i '' 's/<th align="/<th class="text-/g'
	grep -IR --include=*.html --null -l -- "<td" public/ | xargs -0 sed -i '' 's/<td align="/<td class="text-/g'

	# Ensure the public folder has it's mtime updated.
	touch $@

.minified: public html-minifier.conf
	# Find all HTML and in parallel run the minifier
	find public -type f -iname '*.html' | parallel --tag $(HTML_MINIFIER) "{}" -o "{}"
	touch .minified

The latest version is always checked into github with my blog, but the above is easy to copy and paste.

  • make help reminds me of the commands when I need it.
  • make all executes hugo to build the site, then I run the generated HTML through a minifier, and do some other minor tweaks.
  • make clean deletes all previously generated files, which may help delete files lingering around.
  • make server starts a web server serving a static copy of the minified result.
  • make watch also starts a web server, but directly from hugo that will live reload as you make changes. The main difference is this output isn’t minified.