I have native IPv6

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I’m more excited than I should be, but today I noticed that Comcast has enabled IPv6 on my home internet connection. All my devices in the home have picked up one or more Internet routable IPv6 addresses. Here are a few screen shots:

IPv6 ifconfig

IPv6 Google!

IPv6 Facebook

IPv6 my website (thanks to Amazon AWS)

even my Android phone has IPv6!

So this is very cool, but this has identified a few issues. The most important of which, is that I had previously been using my NAT as a firewall, protecting all devices on the internal network. However, now they all have external IP addresses, they are effectively open to the Internet and un-firewalled. That’s not an issue for my Linux machines, but could be problematic for my girlfriend’s Windows laptop, and my various embedded devices (phones, tablets, and TVs).

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