2010 Census TIGER/Line® Shapefiles Code Names

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I’ve been playing with the Tiger shapefiles to generate some interesting plots. While doing this I kept wondering what all the different geographies were. I couldn’t find a single concise list, so I made my own (but not yet complete) list from various source of information:

Code Description
cbsa Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Area
bg Block Group
csa Combined Statistical Area
cd Congress Districts
state State
county County
cnecta Combined New England City and Town Area
necta New England City and Town Area
elsd Elementary School District
scsd Secondary School District
unsd Unified School District
sldl State Legislative District Lower Chamber
sldu State Legislative District Upper Chamber
submcd Subminor Civil Division
vtd Voting Districting
zcta5 ZIP Code Tabulation Areas

More to be added later, as well as some tools for processing Tiger 2010.

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