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I recently found this blog which shows a business card with a QR card. I thought I’d create a business card with LaTeX with a similar QR code. I took a LaTeX template from here, found out about the pst-barcode pacakge, learnt the MECARD format, and combined them to make this:

My QR Business Card

I doubt I’ll print this card, but just in case you want to make a similar one, here is the LaTeX source:


\setstocksize{55mm}{85mm} % UK Stock size




            % The MECARD format is used to exchange contact information. More information at:
            \psbarcode{MECARD:N:Brampton,Andrew;;URL:;;}{eclevel=L width=1.181 height=1.181}{qrcode}
%           \textbf{Research Associate}\\
            \textbf{Network Researcher}\\
            Computing Department\\
            Lancaster University\vspace{9mm}\\
            \textbf{email:} a.brampton AT\\
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