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Everyone plays foursquare (the location based android/iPhone app) differently. However, there are no offical rules on what venues are acceptable, and when you can and can’t check-in. So I wanted to write down the rules that I play by:

1. You talk about foursquare.
2. You talk about foursquare.
3. When someone is near by you go find them.
4, Get as many people to a check-in as possible.
5. One check-in at a time.
6. Check-in with Android, iPhone, or Blackberry devices.
7. You check-in as long and late as you can.
8. If this is your first night at foursquare, you have to check-in.

Ok, so that was my attempt of humour by parodying the rules of fight club.

I actually do play by a set of rules

1. I only check-in to venues where I'm using their service. For example, I only 
  check-in to a coffee shop if I buy a drink, or I check-in to a train station
  only if I get on or off a train.

2. I don't check into venues which I am passing though. For example, if my train 
  goes through a train station, but I'm staying on the train I won't check-in. 
  Or if my girlfriend is dragging me around clothes shops, I won't check-in 
  unless I'm actually buying something myself.

3. I only check-in to real stationary public venues. I don't add my house, or
  other made up places, and I don't check-in into venues such as the number 
  2 bus.

4. I don't check-in after the fact, for example if I forget at the time to 
  check-in. For example, I was recently in Belgium, and I had pre-added a few 
  places I knew I would be going to, however, I was unable to check-in due to my 
  lack of internet :(

5. I always add full complete information for any venue I create. Sometimes
  when I'm out I'm unable to find the full data, so I fill in as much as I can, and
  later when I get back to my PC I make sure I complete the venue's details

So these are my rules and I’m sure they will evolve as I play the game more. I would love to hear other people’s rules.

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