3D Printing a Lightsaber

Compress and Backup

Recovering a RAID-5 Intel Storage Matrix on Linux (without the hardware)

Alternative Milks

Local HTTPS Server for development

Apache Beam and Google Dataflow in Go

Certbot: Unexpected Error

Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

Google Font Features

Measuring Percentile Latency

Running Java in Production: A SRE’s Perspective

Parsing with Antlr4 and Go

Vanity Go Import Paths

Teaching Binary to 8th Graders

Maven Plugins on Java 8

Building a better “What's My IP?” site

Peano Curves

Introducing Prob.js

Turn on HTTPS for all GitHub Pages

The importance of tuning your thread pools

Unrolling loops at runtime with Byte Buddy

Unsafe Part 3: Benchmarking a java UnsafeArrayList

Unsafe Part 2: Using sun.misc.Unsafe to create a contiguous array of objects

Unsafe Part 1: sun.misc.Unsafe Helper Classes

Introducing Hilbert. A Go library to map values onto a Hilbert curve.

Hugo Makefile

Decompile and Recompile Android APK

NationJS talk on NodeJs now on Vimeo

Modern Software Development Life Cycle

Grabbing a Certificate with OpenSSL and importing it into Java

SMS Character Count

Alignment of Raphaël Paper.text(…) and Paper.print(…)

Most starred project this week, and second most forked.

Draw UML Sequence Diagrams with Javascript

MongoDB Compression

How many ways are there to say phone number?

Invalid IP range checking defeated by DNS

JSHint ‘x’ is an implied global variable

Nodewii talk at Node DC


pt-kill CentOS init.d script

Using Make to parallelise a task

Setting up git-p4

RFC 1123 dates in PHP

Groovy / Grails

Gmail tagged 48 valid emails as spam

I have native IPv6

Abusing Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” to work like – brampA2D

MRI scan of my brain

Failed Ubuntu update

LaTeX Error: File `layaureo.sty’ not found

Hacking Linksys E4200v2 firmware

Obtaining the firmware for Linksys E4200v2

Avoid Bloat Freezer Free

PHP Polygon Clipper using the Sutherland-Hodgman algorithm

Building PHP’s Debian package nightmare


Archive Mount

PHP Destructor objects

2010 Census TIGER/Line® Shapefiles Code Names

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2053

My experiences with developing multi-threaded nodejs addon

MD5 Digest Authorisation in SIP with PHP

Default to curses interface for mtr

Google Chrome Javascript console.log bug?

HTML5 Canvas: Lunch Wheel

Beware the \r\n with grep -f, also perhaps PHP is a better choice?

Linux 64bit Flash glibc memcpy bug

Intel ucode firmware version parser

Verizon FiOS MI424WR rev. F Router

UTF-8 Directory Listing

ifconfig stats gotcha

Persec python script

Converting MBR to GPT without deleting your partitions

Sonisphere 2010 Running Order

My rant about the university webcache

Iteratively Solving Time Travel

Old school’s not cool.

Fullscreen Hack for Flash 10.1

Android Linux SDK revision 6 aapt library bug

Python close_fds issue

Humble Indie Bundle md5sums

VMWare breaks shift key

LaTeX QR Based Business Card

Redirect local traffic to a web cache with iptables

Installing packages into your user directory

My RSA Public Key

Follow HTTP Stream (with decompression)


Foursquare Rules

Google DNS Benchmarked

Useful scripts/configurations

The 7 month fork bomb

Power Consumption

FreeBSD Software Watchdog

Derren Brown’s Coin Game

Grub2 and Windows

Bloodstock 2009 Running Order

memcmp broken in the FreeBSD kernel

Final Version of my Thesis Online

Threadnetperf v1.0

Open source Government Petition’s Boffin + Wordle

IRQ Affinity on FreeBSD

Compiler defined symbols

64bit TortoiseGit

A Practical Introduction to Version Control Systems

What happens when you mix…

Read/Write permissions for PHP scripts at

Autoload symbols for FreeBSD kernel module

linuxoffsets for FreeBSD

ndsfs – A FUSE application to mount Nintendo DS roms

Philips WAC7500

Passed my Viva


Jolt Cola

Please notify the author of the software that produced this file

ASUS X56Se Linux

Create Bootable Windows Server 2008 USB Stick

2TB is too much for XP

Ordnance Survey Easting/Northing to Lat/Long

Google Calendar Exploit

Infolab21 Vector Logo

Networking Conference Calendar

Linux kernel patch for TCP timestamping

How to Build Wings

flvtool++ A command line Flash Video file (FLV) editor