Finder Framework

This framework is able to display lists of specific locations, be it restaurant chains, coffee shops, offices, or anything else! These locations are stored in a local database, so no Internet connection is needed.

The framework supports the following features:

  • Self contained database of locations.
  • Sort locations by names or distance.
  • Display the 10 nearest locations in a list or on a map.
  • Display detailed information on a single location, i.e. Full Address, Phone Number.
  • Add the location to the phone’s address book.
  • Get directions to a specific location.

So far this framework is used by one application, Nando’s Finder. If you are interested in using this framework or have suggestions on what other apps I could make then please contact me.


  • 2010-01-08 – First Release


  • Secure the database by compressing and encypting it ourself.
  • Automatic updates of CSV file.
  • Options dialog to set km or miles.
  • New LocationManager.
  • When in landscape make the button_list display in two columns.
  • Add support for easily changing database.