About Me

Andrew Brampton Ph.D lives in the Bay Area, previously lived in Washington DC, but is originally from the United Kingdom. Enjoys playing with new technologies, loves working on large scale, high performance applications. Currently works at Google on the Android/Play SRE teams.

Spends his weekends working on fun and novel projects, most of which he open sources. He can occasionally be found at tech Meetups, and sometimes he even speaks.

Previously he was a researcher within the computer science department at Lancaster University, where he obtained his Ph.D at age 26. His areas of research revolve around distributed systems, in particular peer-to-peer, distributed hash tables (DHTs), and content distribution networks (CDNs).

My Curricula Vitae / Résumé

This may be a little out of date since I only it when needed. If you require a more up to date copy then please contact me – PDFLaTeX source

Contact Me

I can be reached at me bramp.net